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  • laserbaratos.com puntero láser son bienes normales , puedes estar seguro de comprar . Nosotros garantizamos absolutamente su privacidad , la información que usted proporcione será tratada de forma confidencial , en cualquier caso , no serán cedidos
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  • 1 Made of aviation grade aluminum, it is durable enough for long time using

    2 With a built - in heat abstractor, and the circuit board adopts considerate protection

    3 With separate crystal, high power, compact and handheld Simply press the button to activate the laser pointer and release it to turn it down

    4 It's more convenient to use it to point at the target than using your hands Adjustable spot size and focus, used to light the match, burn the paper or for cutting

    5 Point at any desired target on projection screens, video monitors, and presentation graphics Perfect for teachers, professors, doctors, managers, engineers, astronomers, tour guides, explorers and so on

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